Softwex is a web services company based in Khartoum, Sudan that specializes in delivering innovative and creative solutions. With a team of skilled professionals and advanced technology, we design, develop, and provide a wide range of internet and mobile services for local and regional customers. Our goal is to make a positive social impact and support local businesses in their success.

We have gained valuable experience in creating customized software solutions for a variety of clients, spanning from basic websites and mobile applications to comprehensive online platforms. Our commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation is unwavering and we are constantly working to evolve and improve our offerings.

As of 2023, Softwex has expanded its services to include B2B solutions, particularly in the area of ERP. Our ERP solutions are designed to help businesses optimize and automate various business processes, and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

At Softwex, we understand the challenges faced by businesses in Sudan and the lack of access to international web services. Our company was born out of the need to solve this problem and provide Sudanese businesses with the tools they need to succeed. Our journey began as a small web development agency struggling to register domain names and set up websites, but we persevered and found innovative solutions to overcome these obstacles.

We are registered in Sudan under company number 33942.

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