Since the internet was first introduced in Sudan by Sudan Internet Services Co. Ltd. "Sudanet" in 1996, Sudanese citizens weren't able to register common level domains (.com, .net, .org, .info etc..) online and with simple clicks. The process was always daunting, people had to walk into a technology company request their domain names and get the response days after, and it wasn't cheap! With Softwex iHost all this is going to change.

Total Control

Besides, users can easily follow the online process of domains registration, they will have total control over it. They can change DNS settings, Nameservers and Contact info, they will also be free to transfer it to other companies.

This has never been done by any Sudanese technology company before and it will open the doors for a whole new scale of opportunities to the young Sudanese youths.

Your Payment Options

You can also use your Sudanese CashCard or ATM card to recharge your Softwex account, Check if your bank is supported!

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