Softwex iHost is revolutionizing the way Sudanese businesses register and manage their domain names. Prior to Softwex, the process of registering common-level domains was cumbersome and required visiting a technology company in person. With Softwex iHost, users can easily register and manage their domain names online with a user-friendly interface.

Total Control

Additionally, our platform offers users total control over their domains, including the ability to change DNS settings, Nameservers, and Contact information. Users also have the freedom to transfer their domains to other companies. This level of control and flexibility has never been offered by a Sudanese technology company before and opens up new opportunities for young Sudanese entrepreneurs.


This has never been done by any Sudanese technology company before and it will open the doors for a whole new scale of opportunities to the young Sudanese youths.

Your Payment Options

We also offer various payment options, including the ability to recharge your account using Sudanese CashCard or ATM card (Check if your bank is supported!). Register your domain name now and experience the convenience and control of Softwex iHost.