Softwex Account

Q. I've just signed up for an account but i can't access it?
A. Shortly after you fill the sign up form you will receive an activation link on the email address you provided click or copy and paste it into the address bar to activate your account. Some Hotmail users may find the activation email with the Junk mail make sure you check there also.

Q. I forgot my username what should i do?
A. Luckily for you now users are able to login with their emails instead of Usernames and reset password functionality also updated to work with emails.

Softwex Card

Q. Can I use Softwex Card to buy books and other things from websites like
A. No! At this time you can only use Softwex Card on our website to purchase domain names and pay for your hosting subscriptions.

Domain Names

Q. I already have a domain name can I transfer it to your system?
A. Yes! Just head to your Dashboard and click on "Domain Transfer" and follow on screen instructions.

Q. If I would like to register a domain name using your system do I also have to host my website with you?
A. No! During the process of your domain registration we will offer you hosting plans to choose from, but you can ignore this step if you don't want to host your site with us by clicking on "No Thanks! I want to proceed with my domain registration.."

Q. How much and how many times do I have to pay for my domain name?
A. You can find domain name prices on the Domain Names Pricing page. All domain names must be renewed annually but you can register a domain for more than one year.

Q. How can I pay my renewal fees?
A. Our system will automatically try to charge your account when it's 15 days from your domain name expiry date unless you cancel it.

Q. How long will it take for my new domain name to become active?
A. Domains are registered as soon as you order them, however it can take between 24 and 72 hours for a domain name to become visible on the Internet as each DNS updates its database of domain names. But during the last year our customers reported that their  domains took only 30 mins to become active!

Q. Can I transfer the domain at any time?
A. Yes, you can, and we provide a control panel so that you can make these changes yourself at any time and that's all included in the price

Web Hosting

Q. Can I host .SD websites with you?
A. Yes for sure! Our nameservers are (, just provide them to SIS then head to your Dashboard and click on "New Hosting Subscription".

Q. I have a domain name with another company. Can I host my website with you and leave the domain with the other company?
A. Yes for sure! this feature has been launched on July, 7th 2013 just head to your Dashboard and click on "New Hosting Subscription".

Q. How much and how many times do I have to pay for my hosting subscription?
A. Our hosting plans subscriptions are per month, our system will automatically try to charge your account every month to renew your subscription unless you cancel it.

Q. What if I had insufficient balance in my account?
A. Our system will send you a "Payment Failed" email and give you a 7 days chance to recharge your account before our system automatically disables your subscription. If you are not able to pay for one month, your hosting package subscription will be deleted from our system.

Q. Does your web hosting support PHP 7?
A. Yes! You can switch between latest PHP versions from the control panel.

Payment Options

Q. What are the payment options available?
A. Sudanese Banks ATM cards, Softwex Card which you can buy from our authorized distributors, OneCard account and Bitcoin.

Q. How payment the process is done?
A. First you need to recharge your account then you make your purchase from your balance, in case of renewal our system will automatically deduct from your balance when renewal is due.

If you still having some unanswered questions you can just write to us.